Landing the Qype Brand

We activated a multi-channel campaign for Qype that drove coverage across consumer print and broadcast media, and across verticals from technology to financial press.

Phase One: ‘Land the Brand’

To establish Qype in the UK, we scheduled a series of press briefings with Richard Dennys, CMO, with media including The Times, Mobile Marketing Magazine and MSN Tech & Gadgets. We also pitched Qype as THE must-have app, resulting in a series of ‘Best app’, ‘App of the week’ and ‘Best travel apps’ accolades.

Our campaign also secured blanket regional coverage – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Manchester Unity Radio and Brighton Argus front page – through topical ‘Top 10’ releases. Proactive press office pitching generated hits including T3 Magazine, Web User, Talk Business Magazine and Yahoo Travel.

Phase Two: Integrity Campaign

To launch Qype’s Integrity Campaign we sold-in ‘hard hitting’ releases to consumer and trade media highlighting our client’s tough stance on unethical and unreliable reviews. This generated widespread coverage, debate amongst media and consumers on Twitter, articles from technology experts and a feature in The Independent that identified Qype’s response as a stand-out stance in the industry at a time of growing discontentment with the integrity of online reviews.

Broadcast coverage was secured on BBC Fast:Track, successfully positioning Qype as the champion of trustworthy internet reviews.