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Hygge FOMO led to Blaze of Coverage for Contura!

When it came to Hygge we suffered FOMO on behalf of wood-burning stove client, Contura, so we jumped on JOMO to ensure a piece of the action…

The Scandi concept of ‘Hygge’ – creating a sense of cosiness – was the hottest trend sweeping the UK media landscape in late 2016. Never one to miss an opportunity for a client, Rooster set about devising a way to muscle in on Hyggemania for Swedish wood burning stove brand, Contura, ensuring they secured a sizeable piece of the action. 

Whilst researching angles to help raise awareness of the brand and product among the British warmth-seeking public, we discovered that together with ‘Brexit’ and ‘Trumpism’ (and ‘Hygge’ for that matter), the far less bleurgh term of JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) had recently been announced by Collins Dictionary as one of 2016’s Top 10 words of the year.

With the aim of demonstrating that JOMO – intrinsically linked to the ‘Hygge’ craze – is a far more widespread phenomenon than FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among Brits today (and especially so during the bleak British winter months), we commissioned a survey to find out just how many of us prefer cosying up at home to going out.

The results revealed that we are actually pretty damn unsociable, with 85% of Brits – far more than we predicted – experiencing JOMO. Not only preferring to stay in, the vast majority of the UK population is relieved when plans are cancelled and will also use all sorts of imaginative excuses to deliberately flake on friends or family! 

Strategically timed around the peak of the Christmas party season when even the most hedonistic of us find it difficult to keep up with all the social engagements, we sold-in the research findings as a national news story. We also diced and sliced the data and where the results were surprising or perpetuated stereotypes we developed and pitched targeted regional stories.

Within just five days, the story spawned 39 pieces of national and regional coverage. High circulating publications such as The Sun, Mail Online, Dailystar.co.uk, Thisismoney.co.uk, Thesun.co.uk, The Scottish Sun, Scottish Daily Express, and thelondoneconomic.com dubbed Brits ‘Boring’ and ‘antisocial’ based on our unabashed affirmation that all we really crave is a cosy night in by the fire.

With a total circulation nearing two million and an online readership of 462 million, we (and the client too – phew!) were pretty stoked with the results of the campaign. Crucially, all coverage included a quote from at least one Contura spokesperson, serving the all important purpose of raising the profile of Contura and establishing both brand and spokespeople as authoritative voices among the UK media.

“The Rooster team worked up an engaging and headline-grabbing story that was very relevant to the Contura brand. The fun, current and relatable news piece resulted in wide pick up from huge national publications and countless regional and local titles. A successful consumer campaign with a mind-boggling reach!”
Phil Wood, Contura Country Manager, UK & Ireland