AeroMobile’s Coverage Takes Off

After keeping a low profile across consumer and telco press for the last few years, 2013 was the year AeroMobile opted for a step-change in their media activity – with the help of Rooster PR.

Tasked with raising consumer awareness of the service and combating outdated perceptions about using mobile phones in the aircraft cabin, Rooster targeted national newspapers, consumer magazines and online outlets across the UK and Ireland with a clear message – you CAN use your mobile phone inflight!

Using key airline partners as proof points, including Virgin Atlantic, Etihad and Aer Lingus, Rooster secured coverage including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, The Sun and BBC online.

The team also pushed coverage in the specialist telco press, encouraging more mobile operators to sign up as roaming partners, and drove column inches across key aviation and avionics publications.

In just 12 months, Rooster landed over 330 pieces of coverage and secured 30 media interviews for AeroMobile representatives.