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  • Jun232022

    Plastic Free Periods for Plastic Free July

    WUKA, the UK’s leading reusable period pants brand, shares guide to ditching disposables and embracing plastic-free periods. Around 380 million…

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  • Jun172022

    We’re Hiring: Social Media Executive

    June 2022 Social Media Executive,  Full Time. Permanent. We’re looking for an ambitious, passionate and creative Social Media Executive to…

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  • May272022

    Flex Your Flow: WUKA Flex Launch Marks Yet Another World First for UK Period Pant Brand

    Pioneering reusable period product brand WUKA continues to reinvent period pants with yet another innovative launch. WUKA Flex is the…

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  • May112022

    Swim Happy: WUKA Launches Period Swimsuit

    Pioneering reusable period product brand, WUKA, has launched its first Period Swimsuit. The innovative design allows wearers to fully relax…

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  • Apr262022
    Hawkes' Guide to reducing Food Waste RoosterPR

    Hawkes’ Guide to Reducing Food Waste

    Hawkes sustainability lead shares guide to reducing food waste this Stop Food Waste Day. For Stop Food Waste Day on…

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  • Apr212022

    WUKA Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development

    Announced today, 21 April, WUKA, the UK’s leading period wear brand, has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise…

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  • Apr192022

    What A Bloody Waste: Carbon Footprint Report on Menstrual Products Reveals Devastating Impact of Disposable Period Pants

    One year’s worth of disposable pads and tampons for one person produces 8.9kg of CO2 emissions; the same as charging…

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  • Apr132022
    Leading UK Period Pants Brand WUKA Hires RoosterPR

    Leading UK Period Pants Brand, WUKA, Hires Rooster

    Sustainability, empowerment, inclusivity, and candour will form the basis of Rooster comms for WUKA. Pioneering reusable period wear start up,…

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  • Mar242022

    WUKA Announces Mermaids as their Charity of The Year to Promote More Sustainable and Inclusive Period Care

    WUKA is supporting Mermaids, one of the UK’s leading trans youth charities, as its official charity of the year today,…

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  • Mar012022

    We’re Hiring: Account Manager – B2B

    June 2022 Account Manager. Full Time. Permanent. Rooster is one of the UK’s leading independent PR agencies servicing clients across…

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