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  • Jun142019

    Europe Falls Behind USA in Cost of Living

    ECA International’s  latest Cost of Living report today reveals that Europe now accounts for less than a fifth (19 percent) of the world’s most expensive cities…

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  • Jun072019

    Birmingham’s Best: Student Roost Close To Raising £30K For Charity Ahead of Three Peaks Challenge

    Student Roost is on track to raise £30K for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Muscular Dystrophy UK…

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  • May312019

    Pride of Belfast: Ranked First AND Second Most Instagrammed Student Properties in the UK

    BELFAST’S student accommodation properties have been ranked both first and second place by Student Roost as the top most-Instagrammed in the UK…

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  • May312019

    Young Brits Skip Love for Love Island

    Over a third of young people aged 18-38 (36%) have cancelled plans with family or friends to watch a TV show, according to new research…

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  • May222019

    Majority of Holidaymakers Believe Hotels Trump Airbnbs for Value, Cleanliness and Experience

    Seven out of 10 holidaymakers (71%) believe hotels offer the same or better value than Airbnbs…

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  • May082019

    Fashion Entrepeneurs Keep it Far From Lowkey

    Two Birmingham fashion students have set up their own clothing company, with plans on dominating the urban fashion market…

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  • Apr302019

    Passports, Groceries and Presents: 15 Million Brits Preparing For Brexit

    Three in 10 Brits (15 million) are making specific preparations for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, according to new research…

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  • Apr262019

    Sunday Night Blues Prompts Dreams of Luxury Drives

    Travellers are easing the back-to-work dread by planning luxury road trips and browsing premium hire cars late night on Sundays…

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  • Apr232019

    London Ranked 10th Most Expensive Location in The World For Business Trips

    London is the tenth most expensive city in the world for business trips according to research by global mobility experts, ECA International (ECA)…

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  • Apr112019

    €10M Funding Raised By Global Intelligence Platform

    Latest funding round of €10m for Atheneum, Europe’s leading global intelligence platform, follows rapid growth of the business…

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