Flight Centre Travel Group

  • Feb142018
    Flight Centre Schools Triathlon for 3rd Year by RoosterPR - img 3

    Flight Centre Backs the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon for a Third Year

    Flight Centre is pleased to announce the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon is returning for its third year in 2018 –…

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  • Jan262018

    Flight Centre Releases 2018 Australia Travel Trends Report and Holidays Down Under for just £50

    Tickets 18 per cent cheaper in January Heathrow most expensive UK departure point, Edinburgh cheapest Perth most cost-effective airport to…

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  • Oct162017
    Flight Centre Circumnavigating The World by RoosterPR - img 3

    World’s First Attempt at Circumnavigating the Globe on a Scooter With a Sidecar

    Two Flight Centre travel consultants set to embark on a Guinness World Record attempt to raise awareness of modern day…

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  • Aug302017

    East vs West Australia – Hidden Gems

    Australia’s coastline comprises thousands of kilometres of sun and sand. However, there are so many hidden gems across the country…

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  • Aug232017
    Filght Centre Glasgow to the Gold Coast by RoosterPR - img 3

    From Glasgow to the Gold Coast

    Flight Centre Glasgow Celebrates Partnership with Tourism & Events Queensland. Flight Centre’s Gordon Street store in Glasgow celebrated the company’s…

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  • Aug182017

    11 Things that Will Make You Want to Visit Australia NOW

    Australia has some truly inspiring sights that cannot be experienced elsewhere and should be at the top of every traveller’s…

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  • Aug112017

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Elephants

    Many people travel as a way of seeing stunning wildlife in its natural habitat – and elephants are certainly a…

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  • Aug072017
    Flight Centre Holiday Based on Your Name by RoosterPR - img 3

    Your Next Holiday Destination Revealed Based On Your Name

    To launch its new Travel Name Game, Flight Centre reveals: David is the most travelled name The most popular city…

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  • May302017
    Flight Centre School Triathlon for Charity by RoosterPR - img 3

    2,500 School Children Help Flight Centre Raise £250,000 for Charity

    The Flight Centre Schools Triathlon hopes to become the schools’ equivalent of the London Marathon. Flight Centre is pleased to…

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  • May262017
    Flight Centre Destinations for honeymoon by RoosterPR

    7 Stunning Alternative Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds Bored of Beaches

    Honeymoons can be the perfect excuse for an incredible, tailor-made, far-flung holiday. So, if beach honeymoons aren’t your cup of…

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