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  • Feb132019

    We Were (Supposed to be Going) on a Break!

    A OnePoll study, conducted for Flight Centre, of 2,000 people in relationships, reveals that even if it doesn’t push you apart, nearly two thirds (60.2 per cent) of couples have fought or got stressed over organising a holiday…

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  • Feb042019

    7 Ways to Deal with Airport Anxiety

    Nervous flyer? Worried you’ll miss your boarding call? You’re not the only one. In 2018, a Which? report described UK…

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  • Jan172019

    Coming Home: After 32,000 Miles Fighting Modern Slavery the World’s First Scooter and Sidecar Charity Expedition Approaches London

    After traversing five continents, 31 countries, 32,000 miles and an eye-watering 443 days (and counting) travelling, the boys with the scooter and sidecar are finally completing their world first journey this Saturday 19th January at London’s Ace Café…

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  • Jan032019

    Around the World in 80 Tyres: How a Scooter and Sidecar Shed a Light on Modern Day Slavery Worldwide

    Matt Bishop and Reece Gilkes first dreamt up the idea to circumnavigate the globe on a scooter and sidecar back in 2015, sat in their dingy London flat…

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  • Nov262018
    Kids in Charge – The Travel Agency Where Kids Call the Shots by Rooster PR

    Kids in Charge – The Travel Agency Where Kids Call the Shots

    Holidays are among the top five things that children influence most in their parents’ lives (along with amount of sleep…)…

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  • Oct092018
    Flight Centre Opens In York by RoosterPR

    Flight Centre Opens its Latest Store in York

    Flight Centre has opened its 82nd store – in Parliament Street, York. The store was officially opened by Lord Mayor,…

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  • Jul302018
    Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards 2018 by RoosterPR

    Shortlist announced for Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards 2018

     Flight Centre’s Travel Blog Awards have returned for a third year, showcasing the most inspiration and informative travel blogs around…

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  • May292018
    Flight Centre Raise £320,000 for Charity by RoosterPR - img main

    Flight Centre Schools Triathlon Raises £320,000 for Charity

    Flight Centre is continuing its work for charity, after a series of school triathlon events raised a total of £320,000.…

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  • Apr242018
    Flight Centre Four Events To Help Raise For Charity by RoosterPR - img 3

    First in Series of Four Flight Centre Events Helps Raise £66,000 for Charity

    The annual Flight Centre Schools Triathlon has returned for its third year, kicking off a series of events in the…

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  • Mar262018
    Flight Centre - Non-stop flights from Heathrow to Perth by RoosterPR

    Flight Centre Comments on Launch of Non-Stop Flights to Perth

    This week sees Qantas launch its non-stop flight from London Heathrow to Perth. From Sunday 25th March 2018 the Qantas…

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