Ecoffee Cup

  • May092019

    Ecoffee Cup & William Morris Partnership Raises £60,000 To Fund Cultural Programmes for London Children

    Annual royalties from sales of Ecoffee Cup’s William Morris collection support the Gallery’s arts programmes for underprivileged children and teens…

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  • Jul042018
    Ecoffee Cup £1.4Billion a Year Could Be Saved Using a Reusable Cup by RoosterPR

    Coffee Drinkers in the UK Could Collectively Save up to £1.4 Billion a Year Just by Using a Reusable Cup

    Ecoffee Cup reveals the financial benefit of ditching single-use. Ecoffee Cup has done the math and the financial rewards of…

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  • Jan142018
    Ecoffee Cup United Effort Called For by RoosterPR - img 3

    Latte Levy: Ecoffee Cup Founder Calls for United Effort

    David McLagan applauds Gove’s example and champions reusables as the only solution to the coffee cup waste issue. Single use…

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  • Jul172017
    eCoffee Cup Ethical Travel Gadget by RoosterPR - img 3

    Staycationing this Summer? Ecoffee Cup: This Year’s Ethical Travel Gadget

    Reduce Your Plastic Footprint when Travelling with a Stylish, Reusable Cup. Rejoice or despair, the school holidays are now upon…

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  • Jun122017
    eCoffee Cup Urges for a Waste Free Festival Year by RoosterPR - img 3

    Waste Free Festivalling

    As festival season dawns, Ecoffee Cup urges revellers to ditch single-use cups to lessen their plastic footprint. Ecoffee Cup, a…

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  • May222017
    Ecoffee Cup Supports Plastic Challenge by RoosterPR - img 3

    Ecoffee Cup Supports Plastic Challenge: £1 of Every Cup Donated to Marine Conservation Society this June

    Throughout the month of June, Ecoffee Cup will be supporting the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Plastic Challenge’ by donating £1 of…

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  • Jan202017
    Webgains New Year's Resolutions With Impact: #stopthe100billion by RoosterPR - image 3

    New Year’s Resolutions With Impact: #stopthe100billion

    Everyone can contribute to reducing waste in 2017. Get your reusable Ecoffee Cup today to start making a difference. 2016…

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  • Oct262016
    Christmas gifts from Ecoffee by RoosterPR - image 3

    Christmas Gifts with a Conscience: The Stylish Reusable Ecoffee Cup, from only £8.95

    Christmas is fast approaching (less than 70 days and counting!) and choosing the perfect gift can be a difficult task.…

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  • Jul292016
    eCoffee Cup War on Waste by RoosterPR - image 3

    Ecoffee Cup CEO Stirred by Hugh’s War on Waste

    David McLagan claims that consumer behaviour MUST change Reusable rather than recyclable is the ONLY way to tackle the issue…

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