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  • Dec202018
    ECA Brits Feeling The Squeeze Internationally by RoosterPR

    Brits Feeling the Squeeze Internationally

    The stronger US dollar makes US and UAE particularly expensive for British visitors post-referendum London has dropped 81 places in…

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  • Nov222018
    ECA UK Salaries Set To Rise In 2019 by RoosterPR

    UK Salaries Set to Rise in 2019

    UK professionals are expected to receive 0.8% real-terms salary increase in 2019, double the increase received in 2018 (0.4%) Inflation…

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  • Oct152018
    ECA Price Rise by 8% For Brits At Oktoberfest by RoosterPR

    Price of Beer Rises Eight Percent in Munich for UK Visitors, But Oktoberfest Still a Bargain for Brits

    With Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival, kicking off this September, the latest Cost Of Living data from global mobility…

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  • Apr192018
    ECA London Out Of Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World to Travel by RoosterPR

    London Drops Out of Top 10 Most Expensive Business Travel Locations in the World

    Geneva is the most expensive city in Europe for the fourth year in a row, as Swiss cities dominate the…

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  • Feb142018
    ECA Cost of Valentine's Day In Most Romantic Cities by RoosterPR

    Cost of Valentine’s Day in the World’s Most Romantic Cities

    A date in Geneva, Switzerland, is the most expensive in the world, costing couples over £227 The average cost for…

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  • Jan162018
    ECA International London Most Expensive Place to Rent in Europe by RoosterPR

    London Remains the Most Expensive Location for Rental Accommodation in Europe

    Rent for professionals in London is £3,693pm more expensive than the average in Europe London rent (£5,398pm) is almost four…

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  • Jun292017
    ECA International Need Practice Before Wimbledon by RoosterPR

    Need to Get Some Practice in Before Wimbledon? London’s Tennis Courts One Third of the Price of Tokyo’s

    As tennis courts book up during Wimbledon season, ECA International reveals how much you could pay to play in the…

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  • Jun142017

    UK Cities Fall Below Rio De Janeiro, Bangkok and Dublin in Global Cost of Living Rankings

    UK cities fall dramatically by up to 68 places and out of top 100 global rankings Weak GBP causes Central…

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