ECA International

  • Jun182021

    Cost of Living: Europeans to find the US Cheaper, while Australia sees Major Increase following initial Impact of Pandemic

    Strength of euro and GBP causes many European locations to jump in ECA International’s Cost of Living ranking Perth jumps…

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  • May102021

    Rooster Expands B2B Clientele into Three New Sectors

    Rooster has won six competitive B2B client pitches spanning three sectors: construction, recruitment and hospitality. The independent agency’s versatility, dedication…

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  • Apr152021

    London Rental Market Yet to Feel Full Covid Effects

    Rental prices in London’s prime locations set to fall, as remote working reduced property demand according to latest rental accommodation…

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  • Jan292021

    Dublin Drops Out of Top 10 Most Liveable Cities in the World Due to Lockdowns

    Lockdown Measures Impede the Liveability of 70% of the world’s cities Strict lockdowns affect UK-wide Recreational score, causing London to…

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  • Jan292021

    Lockdown Measures Impede the Liveability of 70% of the World’s Cities

    Strict lockdowns affect UK-wide Recreational score, causing London to drop to its lowest liveability ranking to date (55th) New York…

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  • Dec152020

    London Sixth Most Expensive City in the World

    High rental accommodation costs see London rank 6th most expensive location in the world Strength of European currencies sees 40…

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  • Mar312020
    A London skyline, where rent is expensive.

    London Retains its Position as the Most Expensive City to Rent in Europe and 4th in the World

    London’s rental accommodation cost has increased by £121 per month on average Edinburgh rent shot up by £106 per month…

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  • Feb202020
    ECA Liveability Report Which Cities Offer Best Quality of Life For Europeans Living Abroad by Rooster PR

    Global Liveability Report Reveals which Cities Offer the Best Quality of Life for Europeans Abroad

    Clean air, good facilities and low crime rate among the benefits that make Copenhagen and Bern the most liveable cities…

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  • Jan132020

    Our Work: 10 Highlights from 2019

    Let’s be frank, 2019 was a tough, sticky year. Like wading through treacle. But, thanks to Rooster’s dedicated team and…

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  • Nov142019

    UK Workers Set to Receive A Lower Real Salary Increase in 2020

    UK professionals are expected to receive a 1.1 percent real salary increase in 2020, equating to approximately £334.62pa on average…

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