STOKKE® Sleep Guide For Frazzled New Parents

STOKKE® Sleep Guide For Frazzled New Parents
13th March 2020 admin_rooster

STOKKE® Sleep Guide For Frazzled New Parents

Ahead of World Sleep Day this March, Stokke sleep expert shares tips to facilitate a quality night’s sleep for babies and all-important downtime for parents

For many, the reality of having a baby means a severe lack of sleep – settling your baby in the evening when you’d like to enjoy some downtime should be an enjoyable bonding experience, but instead can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

Getting good quality sleep is an ever-critical issue for all and is crucial for the wellbeing of new parents and their families. So, ahead of World Sleep Day on 13 March, Stokke sleep expert, Heidi Skudder, from The Parent and Baby Coach, shares her bedtime sleep hacks to help parents and babies alike enjoy the evening routine and ensure sweet dreams for all from here on out.

Routine, routine, routine

As newborns, babies can’t differentiate between day and night; they just sleep round the clock. If they’re sleeping too much during the day however, this can impact how long they sleep at nighttime, which, as they grow, should ideally be when they enjoy the longest period of sleep.

It’s never too early to develop a bedtime routine.

Your baby’s bedtime routine should be simple and sustainable, so it’s easy for you to do every night. This also means that wherever you are and whoever puts your baby to bed, they will safe, secure and calm and fall into sleep more easily than if they have no set way of going to bed.

Create positive sleep associations for your baby by employing your very own ‘sleep toolkit’ of calming, soothing activities for your baby to enjoy. These can include nursing, bathing, massaging, swaddling, storytime, shushing, or singing, and will vary from family to family. Explore what works best for you and your child and then try to stick to a nightly routine.

Familiarise with daytime and nighttime

Make clear distinctions between daytime and nighttime. Feeding is a great way to implement this. Daytime feeds should be social and lively, whereas nighttime feeds, quiet and calm.

Block out daylight and keep the lights low when approaching bedtime. It’s advisable to carry out the majority of the bedtime routine in the bedroom if possible.  Try not to overstimulate your baby in the hour before sleep to help them understand that this is a time to be calm. These practices will help baby set their body clock, learn the difference between day and night, and make it easier for them to drift off to sleep.

Splish, splash, time to take a bath

Few baby bedtime routines are complete without a relaxing bath.

Make the experience even more calming by dimming the lights, playing some gentle music and placing a soothing scented candle in the bathroom. Lavender is often lauded as the sleep-inducing scent.

Follow the bath with a gentle massage, which can help relax a fussy baby and encourage sleep.

In the cooler months, place your child’s bedclothes on a warm radiator so that your child will feel cosy and snuggly once dressed for bed. Take care to double check any zips or poppers that might have got hot, before dressing baby.

If you don’t have access to a bath, you can invest in a foldable baby bath, that can easily be stowed away when not in use.

Ambience is everything

Keep the room at comfortable temperature (between 18-20°C), make sure it stays dark (easy to install blackout blinds can be a lifesaver as the days get longer), and ensure that your baby’s crib or cot allows for maximum air circulation for comfortable sleep.

Try adding some visual sleep aids above your baby’s crib – a mobile, a rotating nightlight or projector, or glow in the dark stars can work a treat.

Invest in white noise

Sudden sounds can disturb your baby at night, while white noise can provide a consistent, soothing sound for them to fall asleep to and will drown out any other noises coming from the neighbours or anywhere else in the house.

Whether you use a hairdryer, hoover, leave the washing machine on or buy a special white noise CD is up to you.

Enjoy a lullaby

Singing songs and lullabies to your baby not only relaxes them but strengthens the bond between parent and child and helps with your child’s brain development. Hearing rhyming words will help them when they come to read their own bedtime stories!

Favourites such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ are just as effective as a pop anthem so the song choice is up to you.

Reading, as with singing, can be hugely effective in helping to settle a child at bedtime. The experience of snuggling up and listening to your voice can help a baby to relax as well as being a great bonding experience.

Think about Stretching the night sleep

If your baby is feeding well during the day time, and putting on weight, you might find that they start to reduce night feeds on their own. However, once they are older if you feel as though they are still waking to feed but may not necessarily need these from a hunger point of view, you can slowly lengthen the time between feeds.

Remember that babies feed for lots of reasons at night time and not just for hunger. Try and go with the flow – whatever feels right for you and your baby. If you feel you both need to enjoy more sleep, then try calmly sitting and patting your baby back to sleep or giving them a cuddle – both gentle ways of lengthening time between night feeds.

If all else fails…

Don’t be afraid to try a few of the more unusual baby sleep hacks, which many parents swear by…

  • It may not be the first thing you think to do, but a gentle downward stroking motion between the eyes and downward towards the nose can relax your baby and encourage them to close their eyes.
  • Turn your baby from head to toe – may be an old wives’ tale but if it works!
  • Invest in a fish tank. Not only does the gentle whirring of the water pump act as white noise, your baby will also enjoy watching the fish swim about.
  • Skin to skin contact is an important form of parent-baby bonding and actively encouraged from birth. It’s also a great way to soothe your baby to sleep. Babies feel instantly calmer and more relaxed when cuddled skin to skin with mum or dad.

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