Stress Free Family Travel

Stress Free Family Travel
11th July 2019 James Brooke

Stress Free Family Travel

Tips from Stokke to ensure that travelling with kids is a breeze this summer.

Travel is one of life’s luxuries – we all dream of visiting paradisaical beaches, buzzing cities, beautiful landscapes, or far flung destinations. And summer is the key opportunity to be able to spend quality time, relax and have fun with loved ones.

Travelling with children, however, can often lead to over-excitable and then weary, emotional children, and by the end of the journey, even more frazzled parents.

Experts at premium children’s furniture and equipment brand, Stokke, have compiled the following checklist for families to help make travelling a breeze this summer.

  1. Take your time – allow more time than you think you need when travelling. Kids love to explore, run around, take their time, or suddenly need the loo at critical moments, so factor this extra time into your schedule.
  2. Staying hydrated is important, particularly as airports and planes can be hot. Take reusable bottles and refill with water once through security, bearing in mind you can’t take more than 100ml of liquids through beforehand. Most airports will offer this free of charge, you can also ask at cafes and restaurants for a complimentary fill-up. Once on board, ask the staff to refill bottles too.
  3. Even if you think your child will cope fine with your travel plans, it’s always worth arming yourself with an ‘activity bag’. Pack colouring, puzzle or sticker books, reading or audio books, notebooks and pens for drawing or writing, small toys, travel games such as chequers, or cards such as Top Trumps, Uno or Dobble, to help keep them focused and pass the time with less whining or squabbling. The bonus is, this ‘survival kit’ will serve you in destination too. Never go to a restaurant without it!
  4. If (heaven forbid) you forget the activity bag, there are a number of games you can try that need nothing other than your child’s attention. Try word association or alphabet games, I spy, or the ‘Who am I’ guessing game, using only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. You’ll wonder where the time has gone!
  5. Should your flights be early morning or late night, let your kids travel in their pyjamas. They’ll be more comfortable and far more likely to drift off in transit. Transferring them to and from bed at the beginning or end of the journey will be far easier too when you need them to stay asleep. Don’t forget to pack clothing to change them into later if it’s a morning flight and packing a few layers for chilly in-flight air con will help keep them cosy.
  6. For smaller children, a lightweight stroller and/or sling can be a lifesaver for when they get tired in transit. Most airports involve a lot of walking. Strollers can be used right up to the gate and will help avoid having to manage a wriggling (or Houdini) child in arms as well as cabin luggage and the must-have duty free purchases.
  7. Take every opportunity to use the toilet. The last thing you need is a mad dash to the loo whilst last call is being announced at the gate due to a sudden desperate need to ‘go’.
  8. For a more stress-free journey and indeed holiday, take a more relaxed approach to mealtimes, bedtimes and routine Children are far more adaptable than we think and will snap back into shape in no time when back home.
  9. Try to break up the journey with short stops as much as possible to allow yourself some downtime as well as giving the children the opportunity to have some time to run around, eat, go to the loo, or simply chill. Travelling is exhausting for all of us and the more relaxed we are as parents, the more relaxed the children will be.
  10. Lastly, never feel you must apologise for a stressed, tired or upset child! Travelling should be a joy, but for children, it can be a very long, boring and tiring process, which often leads to tears or tantrums. So, whilst being on a plane with a crying child isn’t ideal, this isn’t your fault and there is no need to feel you have to apologise to anyone.

In addition to taking a relaxed approach and arming yourself with the right food and activities, there are lots of pieces of ‘kit’ that can make your travelling experience more pleasant. Stokke has a range of products designed especially to help make travelling with children easier for parents. Take a look below to find the perfect Stokke product for your journey this summer.



Two way carrying changing bag

Stokke Changing Bag

Providing easy access to all your baby essentials.


Can be used as a shoulder bag or backpack.

Easy to attach, remove and adjust for ease and comfort.

Includes a foldable changing mat and detachable carry bag.

Made of PFC-free fibres.

Available in a wide range of colours.

Prices start from £99.00



A ride-on suitcase

JetKids RideBox by Stokke

Suitable for children aged 3-7 years.


Adjustable strap allows parents to carry over their shoulder.

Practical top-opening, for easy access, and to prevent items from falling out.

Available in Blue Sky, Green Aurora, Pink Lemonade.

Prices start from £109.00



Ideal for long-haul flights

JetKids BedBox


Transforms from suitcase to bed in 5 simple steps.

Perfect to create a comfy bed in economy seating.

Officially approved by many airlines.

Adjustable strap allows parents to carry over their shoulder.

Practical top-opening, for easy access, and to prevent items from falling out.

Available in Blue Sky, Green Aurora, Pink Lemonade.

Prices start from £149.00



Travelbag for most strollers.


The travel bag that fits almost any pram

Stokke PramPack


Protects your pram when you travel.

Wheels and light weight make for easy transport.

User friendly and simple to pack.

Rolls up for compact storage once you arrive at your destination.

Perfect for airplane and vacation use.

Prices start from £135.00



An ergonomic carrier offering superior comfort

Stokke MyCarrier Front & Back Carrier


Fully adjustable for ultimate comfort.

Ergonomic design with inward facing, outward facing and back carrying options.

Acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and medical experts.

Safe and functional materials: cotton and breathable mesh.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 approved.

Prices start from £129.00



Soft and breathable travel blanket

Stokke Blanket Merino Wool


100% pure Merino wool.

Scandinavian look and feel.

Machine washable natural fibres that are gentle next to baby’s skin.

Woolmark and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 Certified.

Available in Pink, Green or Light Grey.

Prices start from £65.00



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A core product of the Stokke® collection for over 45 years, the iconic Tripp Trapp® highchair was Stokke®’s first product designed for children. It has sold more than 11 million units globally.

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